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I have been very sceptical over this purchase for sometime. Having owned the previous Dyson a few years ago (and regretfully selling it due to it not being used) I was unsure if my experience would be the same with the new and improved Dyson. This little miracle maker curls my thick, coarse curly hair so beautifully and even gets the back pieces so well which I always miss. It makes curling my hair a delight. The new smoothing attachment is gorgeous for finishing off my hair when I've straightened it. Would highly recommend especially for a beautiful blowout look! 

My husband gifted me the set before this one. Mine came with the blow dryer attachment, round brush, smoothing brush, volumizing brush and 2 different set of the airwrap. I love it! It’s so easy to use and my hair looks like I just walked out of the hair salon every time I use it. It also doesn’t take forever to dry hair which is great! I have a colored processed hair so less heat is always a plus. I take it with me even to travel. I can’t recommend this enough! If you’re on the fence about getting it, get it! The only thing you’ll need for your hair. 

The Dyson air wrap is truly amazing. I have curly hair it allows me to do a blowout while not damaging my hair. I ordered the long barrels those are amazing because my hair is past the shoulder. It is a learning curve at first it took me over a month to really get the hang of it, now with the helpful videos on YouTube in the Facebook page and just trying different ways to control the device it's a game changer. DT was always better and the type of product that you use is key and that just takes time. Thank you Dyson for making a device that actually works for men women or any person in the world. I love it so much I bought one for Europe. And yes it operates just the same. ???? 

If you’re like me, and usually need to dry, straighten, AND curl your hair, this will save you so much space and time! The only other tool I sometimes use is my straightener, and it’s only for the tiny pieces around my face. Everything else is taken care of by this, and it’s easy and quick! I’ve been styling my hair at night when I shower, then sleeping with it down, and it’s perfect by morning - loose curls with that lived-in effortlessness I love. I’ve even canceled my Brazilian Blowouts to only use this for nice hair. I totally understand why this has so much hype - it’s fantastic! 

From taking it out the box to using it on my hair, so simpl3 and easy. I washed my hair then put in cream before blow drying until slightly damp. Then used the smaller rod for curls. OMG my hair is beautiful, soft and smooth. My hair had no problems holding curls, and I could re curl it in sections after it dried to add more volume. I 1000% recommend, game changer. Do watch a YouTube tutorial before it makes starting off easy 

I have 2b-2c hair, on the thick side and normally takes 20-30 minutes to blow dry. With the air wrap, I can dry and style my hair is 10-20 minutes. Even though I am novice, and the style isn’t 100% where I want (yet), I can easily overlook as I have 20-40 minutes of my morning back. I would purchase again and again. I also recommend to everyone. I was not bothered by the price because I am low maintenance, no longer use a blow dryer, curler or straightener. I could see the value in the item as my time is also worth something. I look forward to purchasing the new attachments. 

I got Dyson Air Wrap for my birthday and I couldn’t be more happy! First of all,it was sold out everywhere, but my son was checking every single day until he buy it for me. I have a lots of hair so difficult to stylish. I also have a collection of blow dryer and straightening. Finally Dyson air wrap shortness my time fixing my hair and my hair now is healthier, stylish, no dry ends, and frizz down. What a marvelous product. Ps: You don’t see smoke in your hair. 

I'm awful and impatient when doing my hair. The air wrap is a huge investment, but I'm glad I did it! You have to get used to the motions and watch tutorials and get the right hair products, but once I was all set my hair looks and feels amazing! It takes me exactly 7 minutes to curl my hair when it's fully dry. I have fine, curly, medium length hair. I'm also motivated to do my hair more often cause I paid so much money for this thing. =) 

I’ve worked in the hair industry for over 10 years, tried many different tools/brands. This is by far the best! It does take a little time to get used to using the curl barrels but once you get the hang of it it’s great. My hair feels a lot healthier as it doesn’t have excessive heat, just enough to dry my hair and fast. I have naturally curly 3B texture hair. This is great when I want a salon blow-out look. I loved the quality so much I got the Supersonic for the diffuser when I want to wear my hair in natural curly style. I tested the Coralle straighteners at the demo store and it’s already on my birthday list this year! I can imagine with this quality they’ll be well loved for many years to come so worth the investment. 

I bought it about a month ago and now it does everything for my hair that I didn't know I needed. My hair is naturally super frizzy, porous, and kinda curly/wavy, but thin and I have extensions in. Airwrap allows me to dry my hair gently in its natural shape and add a few differently sized curls to match my natural pattern and get a put-together look. No tool has been able to do that for my hair with such low effort and good result It has been quite a short time since I got it, but I feel my hair is in its best condition it has been in years! 

I have been eyeing the airwrap for about 6 months and finally bought it. My natural hair is frizzy, damaged, curly hair from using blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and from UV. The airwrap styled my hair better than all of my other hair tools combined and much faster. The airwrap really helps tame frizz and dead ends. It also gives you insane body if you use the round brush attachment. I am obsessed with the airwrap. I pay around $100 for blow outs from time to time which definitely justifies the air wrap’s price since I won’t be needing to go to the salon anymore for blow outs. I did buy the one with long barrels since my hair is long. I recommended this airwrap for people with long hair. The airwrap was confusing to use the first few minutes of using it but then it’s easy to become a pro at it! These pictures are from my first time using it.

Finally I’ve found something to tame my frizzy curly hair and can actually have it down every day between washes without only chucking it up in a bun for ease!! I’ve just dried my hair from washing for the fourth time and each time I’m loving it more and more. My hair is so smooth compared to normal and overall feels in better condition! Don’t get me wrong I still feel like there is a lot of learning and you have to get the hang of it and your own technique but that’s like everything new and I am loving my journey! If you are like me and we’re overthinking ordering it because of the money then just go and order it as I promise you it is worth the money - I actually feel like I like my own hair for the first time in 27 years!! 

At first, I was slightly unimpressed, I’ve got medium thick hair, very curly, and on the longer side. For years, I’ve been loyal to my straightener to style my hair smoothly, not anymore. Its been nearly a month since I’ve purchased and I haven’t reached for my straighter once. With all the multiple tools for the Dyson (the blow out attachment is my current favourite) you cannot go wrong. I get flawless looking hair with added bounce and volume without frying it. So happy I took the plunge! 

Pros: Does what I need, and leaves my hair in lovely condition. I have long hair and was unable to get the long barrels, but it’s fine when you only want to curl the ends of your hair. Cons: Not great for arthritic hands and shoulders. Attachments get very hot which is to be ecxpected but you need to change the heads sometimes for style. The barrels have a cooler grab point but the brushes don’t. 

I bought the dyson airwrap just over a month ago now and it’s been the best purchase I’ve ever made! I was so indecisive for years as to whether or not to get it but as soon as I saw the blue/copper colourway I couldn’t resist anymore! It has genuinely been the best purchase I have ever made and it’s definitely a worthwhile investment, I know it’s pricey but let me tell you it is SO worth it! I am currently rocking the best hair of my life with the bounciest curls and I have dyson to thank for it. If you’re debating it just do it! You won’t regret it I promise! 

Perhaps because I've watched every* review and tutorial on YT, this was love at first use. I'm not going to need the longer barrels. I haven't used the round brush yet but used the dryer, smoothing brush, barrels to dry my hair in about 10 minutes. My hair always falls and always likes best the shape it was in as it dried. I knew it would love the coanda barrels, and my waves are holding longer than round brushing, curling iron, rollers. Flat iron curls fall out immediately. So, a big win. For reference, my hair is medium density, medium weight, lazy wavy, not frizzy, hard to hold style, healthy overall. 

Unlike anything else I have tried. I have thick Bob length hair and this gives it so much bounce! It smoothes any fly aways.The heat settings go from hot to cold in a flash,sealing in the curl. whether I would buy one at full price is another thing, I bought this one second hand and it is perfect!! 

I've never left a review on a product before, but I love my Airwrap so much that I had to leave one! I'm horrible with hair tools and the idea of there being a learning curve made me wait to order this for two years before I finally just caved in. My first time using it, I used the curling attachment and was able to quickly get amazing curls that I've never been able to get from a curling wand (can't ever figure out how to use one) or straightener before. After an entire day of lying on the curls, they still looked great and held strong very well. Later that night, I found myself running to a shelter as the tornado sirens were going off. After spending thirty minutes sitting in a shelter and running through hail, strong wind, and drizzling rain, my hair still looked ... More

I’ve had my air wrap styler for about 3 weeks and I love it! I got the smaller diameter rods and it does awesome curls . I also love the smoothing brush! I haven’t really tried the other attachments yet but I’m impressed with how much time it saves me getting ready each day! Spritzing my hair to refresh and restyle gives me day after day of “first day” hair dos. My hairstylist suggested I use tools that would not damage my hair with high heat and my airwrap tool is perfect! I do wish it had a smaller storage case ... it takes up a lot of real estate in my bathroom.... 

it was a difficult decision to buy this as it's so expensive, but I really can't imagine going back to not having this now! there's definitely a learning curve with the curling tools but overall this has allowed me to get rid of a lot of other products and the results are amazing - my partner always remarks on how it looks like I came from the hairdresser! I bought this on sale which definitely helped to make the decision easier but even at full price it's a wonderful tool. I have since bought extra attachments straight from Dyson such as the long hair wands, traveling case and display stand. 

I have hesitated to buy the Dyson air wrap for well over a year because of the price point. Then when I finally saved enough for it it was out of stock. I finally was able to purchase one and I’m so glad I did. Styling my hair now takes me about five minutes and it looks like I just stepped out of the salon. Takes a little getting used to the different attachments but once you do you really feel like you have your own personal stylist. It’s never help so much on zoom calls! And if you think about the application of a hairdryer a flat iron a curling iron and overall styling tool in one the price point is not bad! 

I’ve been wanting one for a long time now and have been sceptical because of the price - I have tape extensions too, but have watched a few YouTubes on how to use. Finally took the plunge and purchased. I honestly love it! Was a bit difficult to use at first getting used to holding it but quickly got the hang of it in no time and LOVE IT! I have my hair 70-80% dry before using the curling attachments, and do this using the hair dryer attachment, I also used a heat protector (always on hair extensions to keep them looking fresh for longer) and my curls stayed in up until I washed it again! No hair spray! I was so surprised! I kinda wish I bought the kit for long hair but I will be buying them separately for sure! I did give it a try when my hair was dry and the curls still worked but didn’t stay in as long but still looked like a bouncy blow wave- would advise giving your hair a light spritz bit with water if your planning on doing it when your hairs completely dry. I love the volume brush and the smoothing brushes, perfect for tape hair extensions as I found if I dry my hair with a normal hair dryer and brush I always have to use a straightener after to smooth them down, but with the smoothing brush attachment, this makes my hair lush and straight without the use of the iron after! The price is insane, but for someone who styles their hair often or who wears permanent extensions, I highly recommend! I want to get the longest possible use out of my permanent hair extensions, and excessive heat shortens that massively - the airwrap does everything I need without the use of excessive heat and I look like I have a fresh, salon blow wave every time!

I Have used this enough to feel like the review may be a written now. there is a learning curve as you read and hear in almost every review. I never learned a curling wand and can’t do a brush and blow dryer at same time.... hopefully your getting the picture on my struggles. I do have fine hair. Lots of it. First attempt was 2 hours. Flash forward few videos and I’m already down to 45 min. I have long hair. Recommending the long barrels as they are on my wish list now. My hair needs to be more on the 70% wet to catch and really get the curl to hold. So I barely dry my hair with the dryer attachment. Small pieces as everyone says. This gets way hotter than I thought so If your needing heat this offers that. I don’t use the hottest setting at all but appreciate the ... More

I have been eyeing this product for years! My husband surprised me with it for Valentines Day. I have very curly thick hair that took about 75 minutes to dry and style with several tools! I am blown away by not only the many features of this product, but how it makes my hair look when done! The curls lasts for days! Not only that...THIS IS SO FUN TO USE! Its very versatile in styling! I am in heaven with this product! 

I had been reading about it and happened upon the full kit at Nordstrom around Christmas. (The salesperson was floored as supposedly they were sold out everywhere.) Well gosh darn, I love this thing! It’s all in one with the dryer, brushes (I’ve always brushed through my hair while drying - nice to only have to use one arm instead of both), and of course the AirWraps. I don’t really use it as instructed - I just put the AirWrap up to my hair and it grabs whatever - but it works! What sold me on keeping it? Two random people on the street told me my hair looked fabulous. That’s enough for me!